How to write the best story board?

explainer video

Explainer videos are short videos that are created by companies to ensure that they can communicate their product details to the customers. These explainer videos are animated videos that help explain how the product looks like and most importantly how it is going to change the issues that this product is designed to solve.

The explainer videos are created with main story plot. These story plot needs to be created with care as they are the main attraction that is taken into account when a viewer looks at the explainer videos. The animated explainer video is great, but the script is the key.

The best tips for creating an amazing script for your explainer videos are:

  • The script should be written with the audience in mind. The script should be created using comic considerations as well. A bland script that only gives info about the product is going to be the least interesting thing for the viewers. Adding a funny undertone to the video can help in creating the desired impact and also ensure that the message is conveyed to the consumers.
  • The script should be short. A long and complex script is not going to help. The audience will get bored. The script should be easy to understand and the be simple in language so that every viewer can get the message. If the script is short, it does not in any way mean that the message will not be conveyed. A short script is much clearer and also less time-consuming.
  • Whenever you are writing the script, do not forget to include the call to action in the end. The call to action, in the end, can work as a major trigger in convincing people to buy the product. In a few cases, the viewer might end up buying the product at that time and moment. In some cases, if the message is short and trendy then it will stay with the viewer, and they will buy the product later on.
  • When you are writing the script of your explainer video, make sure that the script should not sound too scripted. It should be interesting and should sound as if the explainer video is conversing with the viewer. This helps in creating an over the lasting impact on the minds of the viewers.
  • Writing out the script in the form of a story is a very interesting way to communicate with the viewers.