Virtual Reality is gradually taking over the entertainment world, and honestly speaking it is up to the editors to figure out how to handle it. Virtual Reality comes from different angles. To develop VR from a medium of experiment to a wonderful and complex means of communicating would require developing a whole new system of visual storytelling. Fortunately, most of the tools necessary for editing your VR porn videos are already being developed.

Here are some necessary tools for editing your VR videos:

Assimilate’s SCRATCH VR Suite would help take your VR video from ingest to mastering. There is a latest software media composer which would input the image output of a VR camera array which has already been put together by another software.

Adobe is also on the verge of releasing their next version of Premier Pro CC NLE. It would have enhanced VR editing abilities. It would also have really solid foundational features for editing VR. This version provides a series of settings which would help in determining whether the viewer is in an environment of either 180 degrees or 360 degrees, and also the point of view or how many degrees of content the editor wants the viewer to see at a go. Normally, this would be between 115-120 degrees of vision, which is usually displayed on the fourth monitor, and you can also selectively display only the POV while editing. This would help you in knowing what the viewer would be watching if they had a VR headset on.

There is a mouse or touchscreen which would help you navigate all around the environment exactly the way viewers would do also. After successfully editing the VR porn videos, the output function allows you release files in the format which is required by different social media platforms.

It is generally known that all these technology is just a means to an end, this is because the end is wrapped around virtual audio/visual communication.

One of the main issues is that since an editor has no control over where the viewer is looking, how then would the editor know where to edit?

Educational explainer videos

Sites such as Wankz VR have claimed that they have edited some video clips with narrative content, but this requires developing another visual language which involves making use of the environment as part of the communication space. You would not just be watching a screen, you and the viewer would be together in a surrounding artificial world.

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